7th Chinese Film Festival Munich  Forever Young (Wú wèn dōngxī) The organiser

7th Chinese Film Festival Munich
Forever Young (Wú wèn dōngxī)

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

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China 2018, 138 minutes, original language with English subtitles, directed by Fangfang Li
With Ziyi Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Xiaoming Huang, Lihong Wang, Chusheng Chen

Following graduates of the prestigious Qinghua University, this melodrama recounts Chinese history over four generations, from the feudal system to today’s economic power.   In 2012, Zhang Guoguo founds an advertising agency in Beijing. In 1962 Chen Peng is due to start a job as engineer but hesitates because of his girlfriend Minjia.

In Kunming, 1938, students receive news of the beginning of World War II: the Japanese invade the country and in faraway Europe the Nazis invade Poland. In Beijing in 1923, the student Wu Linglan fails his exam. Although each generation faces different challenges, their knowledge of the past invariably informs the decisions of future generations.

In cooperation with Munich City Library
(Konfuzius-Institut München e. V.)