Angelo Branduardi, vocal, violin & band   »La Pulce D’Acqua – In Concerto«  Alfonso Ranise

Angelo Branduardi, vocal, violin & band
»La Pulce D’Acqua – In Concerto«

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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Right from the onset of his career, the Italian musician has successfully travelled between worlds, skilfully combining Celtic and Northern European folklore. Angelo Branduardi has made a name for himself since the mid 70s with his appearance that inspires fear in any hairdresser, with his evocative voice and play, with historic instruments and with magical tales about nature and legends. With his mellow voice and masterfully performed, philosophical songs, the international musician has been a source of fascination for decades. With all the well-known hits, including »La Pulce d’Acqua«, »Cogli la prima Mela« and »Alla fiera dell'est«, the concert in the Philharmonie promises to be a special event.

»Branduardi is a  phenomenon who knows how to enthrall. With his uncompromising originality he has masterfully thrilled and captivated his audiences for decades.« (Regensburger Stadtzeitung)

With the kind support of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura
(Bell’Arte Konzertdirektion Dr. Schreyer GmbH, Munich)