Annett Louisan – »Kleine große Liebe« Marie Isabel Mora

Annett Louisan – »Kleine große Liebe«

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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Annett Louisan is the voice of German-language chanson. Her many gold and platinum albums speak for themselves: To date, she has sold well over a million records. Just as many people have attended her tour concerts. This coming spring, the artist will release her long-awaited new album »Kleine große Liebe« (»Little Great Love«). With her tour of the same name, Annett Louisan will finally be on the road again in summer and autumn 2019.

Wanting to break out of her previous role, Annett Louisan is beating a new path: less flirting with characters and figures, less illuminating the grey areas between the »I« and an assumed »role«; instead more truth, more sincerity. It’s all about the famous next step. What shall I do with the time ahead of me? Do I want to take responsibility? Where shall I go with all my love, my »little great love«?

Annett Louisan has changed, and no sooner has she arrived she’s off again. Her new release finally reveals even more about the artist than previous albums and nevertheless fits so well and so coherently into the life and career of Annett Louisan. She has arrived because she has lived out all the dreams of youth, often finding ugly truths at the end of the journey; and she has left again because there are so many new roads to go down and explore. And because it is worth it.

Her journey has been a long one: Nearly four years have passed since her last regular studio album, and allowing herself to take that time demanded a lot of courage. On her upcoming »Kleine große Liebe« tour, Annett Louisan tells of an artist’s way of growing up, remaining mindful and alert, taking responsibility for herself and others, remaining true to herself.

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