Termeh 4th Iranian Cultural Festival: Exhibition The organiser

Termeh 4th Iranian Cultural Festival: Exhibition

| Foyer Kleiner Konzertsaal

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This is a past event.

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Art exhibition as part of the 4th Iranian Cultural Festival
»Pictures don’t talk, but they have a lot to tell«

Artists: Behruz Heschmat, Shakiba Booshehri, Mahbube Agharezaei, Newsha Djavadipour, Marquise Nekourouh, Raheleh Alavi-Shahidi und Azarakhsh Farahani

The Iranian Cultural Festival attempts to lift the veil off the country often associated in the west with »oil« or »nuclear« by presenting various art forms. Despite difficult conditions, art in Iran manages to thrive. Iranian artists always find ways to pursue their work and thus create a diverse cultural landscape. This event does not try to make political statements: A wide range of Iranian artists will be shown, regardless of their political views and of where they live. The curators’ main aim was to bring together Iranian artists living both at home and abroad. The Iranian Cultural Festival serves not only to promote understanding between Germany and Iran, but also as a platform for reconciliation of the Iranian art scene as a whole. Support of the arts invariably also shores up civil society and reinforces democratic values.

With the support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich
(Kunst, Kultur, München KKM and Differentia Art)